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src/f/e/feincms-bounds-0.1.0/feincms_bounds/admin.py   feincms-bounds(Download)
from feincms.module.page.models import Page
from feincms.module.page.modeladmins import PageAdmin as PageAdminOld
from feincms.module.page.forms import PageAdminForm as PageAdminFormOld
class PageAdmin(PageAdminOld):
    Overridden version of feincms.module.page.models.PageAdmin which
    uses a custom version of PageAdminForm.

src/f/e/feincms-feincmsext-HEAD/feincmsext/simple_permission/admin.py   feincms-feincmsext(Download)
from feincms.module.page.models import Page
    from feincms.module.page.modeladmins import PageAdmin as OldPageAdmin
except Exception:
    from feincms.module.page.models import PageAdmin as OldPageAdmin