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Will place a single pixel on a surface at the specified coordinate
and at the colour specified.
Colour is tuple (R, G, B, A)

src/s/c/scavenger-HEAD/main.py   scavenger(Download)
				Program.map_put(Program.screen, self.media.gfx_debris_particles[star['colour']], star['x'], star['y'])
				Program.map_put_pixel(Program.screen, int(star['x']), int(star['y']), star['colour'])

src/s/c/scavenger-HEAD/particles.py   scavenger(Download)
			Program.map_xput(draw_layer, self.graph, draw_x, draw_y, self.spin_angle, self.size)
			Program.map_put_pixel(draw_layer, draw_x, draw_y, self.particle_col)
		if not game.paused: