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src/f/l/Flappy-0.3.7/samples/parasprites.py   Flappy(Download)
from flappy.display import Sprite, Bitmap, BitmapData, Tilesheet
from flappy.events import Event, MouseEvent
from flappy.geom import Rectangle, Point
import math
            for j in range(4): 
                    Rectangle(twidth * j, theight * i, twidth, theight),
                        Point(twidth * 0.5, theight * 0.5))

src/f/l/Flappy-0.3.7/flappy/display/displayobject.py   Flappy(Download)
from flappy._core import _DisplayObject
from flappy.events import EventDispatcher, Event, EventPhase
from flappy.geom import Transform, ColorTransform, Matrix, Rectangle, Point
from flappy.display import Graphics, BitmapData
        tgt_height = obj.height * target_mat.deltaTransformPoint(ypoint).length
        cur_rect = Rectangle(cur_mat.tx, cur_mat.ty, obj_width, obj_height)
        target_rect = Rectangle(target_mat.tx, target_mat.ty, 
                                            tgt_width, tgt_height)

src/f/l/Flappy-0.3.7/flappy/display3d/scene3d.py   Flappy(Download)
from flappy.events import Event
from flappy.display import DirectRenderer, Stage, BitmapData
from flappy.geom import Rectangle
from flappy.display3d import Texture
from flappy.display3d.vertexbuffer3d import VertexBuffer3D, VertexBuffer3DFormat
        self._queue = []
        self.scrollRect = Rectangle(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
    def clear(self, red=1.0, green=0.0, blue=0.0, alpha=1.0, 

src/f/l/Flappy-0.3.7/flappy/display/directrenderer.py   Flappy(Download)
from flappy.display import DisplayObject
from flappy.geom import Rectangle
from flappy._core import _DirectRenderer
    def _render(self, rect):
        if self._render_func:
            raise AttributeError('You must have to define a rendering '

src/f/l/Flappy-0.3.7/flappy/display/sprite.py   Flappy(Download)
from flappy.geom import Rectangle
from flappy.display import DisplayObjectContainer
class Sprite(DisplayObjectContainer):