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src/m/a/manabi-HEAD/apps/flashcards/views/rest/__init__.py   manabi(Download)
from apps.utils.querycleaner import clean_query
from flashcards import models
from flashcards.contextprocessors import review_start_context
from flashcards.forms import DeckForm, FactForm, FieldContentForm, CardForm
from flashcards.models import Card
    def get(self, request):
        context = review_start_context(self.request)
        context['owned_by_current_user'] = True
        return self.render_to_response(context)
        # add the review-related data.
        if context['owned_by_current_user']:
            context.update(review_start_context(self.request, deck))
            context['subscription_url'] = reverse(