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src/f/l/flashproxy-HEAD/flashproxy/fac.py   flashproxy(Download)
from flashproxy import reg
from flashproxy.util import parse_addr_spec, format_addr
                raise ValueError("more than one %r key" % key)
            return vals[0]
        addr = parse_addr_spec(get_unique("client"), defhost, defport)
        transport = get_unique("client-transport", DEFAULT_CLIENT_TRANSPORT)
        yield reg.Endpoint(addr, transport)
            raise ValueError("Facilitator did not return RELAY-TRANSPORT")
        # Check the syntax returned by the facilitator.
        client = parse_addr_spec(client_spec)
        relay = parse_addr_spec(relay_spec)
        response["client"] = format_addr(client)

src/f/l/flashproxy-HEAD/flashproxy/test/test_util.py   flashproxy(Download)
import unittest
from flashproxy.util import parse_addr_spec, canonical_ip, addr_family, format_addr
class ParseAddrSpecTest(unittest.TestCase):