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Activates Flask-KVSession for an application.

:param session_kvstore: An object supporting the
                        `simplekv.KeyValueStore` interface that session
                        data will be store in.
:param app: The app to activate. If not `None`, this is essentially the
            same as calling :meth:`init_app` later.

src/f/l/flask-kvsession-HEAD/tests/test_flask_kvsession.py   flask-kvsession(Download)
from flask import Flask, session
from flask.ext.kvsession import SessionID, KVSessionExtension, KVSession
from itsdangerous import Signer
def create_app(store):
    app = Flask(__name__)
    app.kvsession = KVSessionExtension(store, app)
    def test_new_delayed_construction(self):
        app = Flask(__name__)
        ext = KVSessionExtension()
    def test_new_delayed_construction_with_default(self):
        app = Flask(__name__)
        ext = KVSessionExtension(self.store)
        app.config['SECRET_KEY'] = 'topsecret'
        KVSessionExtension(store, app)