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Like :func:`gettext` but the string returned is lazy which means
it will be translated when it is used as an actual string.


    hello = lazy_gettext(u'Hello World')

    def index():
        return unicode(hello)

src/f/l/flask-lastuser-HEAD/flask_lastuser/sqlalchemy.py   flask-lastuser(Download)
from sqlalchemy.orm import deferred, undefer, relationship, synonym
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declared_attr
from flask.ext.lastuser import UserInfo, UserManagerBase, __
from coaster.utils import getbool, make_name, LabeledEnum
from coaster.sqlalchemy import timestamp_columns, BaseMixin, JsonDict, BaseNameMixin
class USER_STATUS(LabeledEnum):
    ACTIVE = (0, __('Active'))        # Currently active
    SUSPENDED = (1, __('Suspended'))  # Suspended upstream
    MERGED = (2, __('Merged'))        # Merged locally (all data migrated)
    DELETED = (3, __('Deleted'))      # Deleted but record preserved for foreign key references