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This returns ``True`` if the current login is fresh.

        def login_fresh():
    This returns ``True`` if the current login is fresh.
    return session.get('_fresh', False)

src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/dpxdt/server/auth.py   dpxdt(Download)
import flask
from flask import abort, g, redirect, render_template, request, url_for
from flask.ext.login import (
    confirm_login, current_user, fresh_login_required, login_fresh,
    login_required, login_user, logout_user)
            logging.debug('Redirecting user to login to get build access')
    elif not login_fresh():
        logging.debug('User login is old; forcing refresh')

src/f/l/flaskbb-HEAD/flaskbb/auth/views.py   flaskbb(Download)
from flask import Blueprint, flash, redirect, url_for, request, current_app
from flask.ext.login import (current_user, login_user, login_required,
                             logout_user, confirm_login, login_fresh)
    if not login_fresh():
        form = ReauthForm(request.form)
        if form.validate_on_submit():

src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/dpxdt/server/frontend.py   dpxdt(Download)
import flask
from flask import Flask, abort, g, redirect, render_template, request, url_for
from flask.ext.login import (
    current_user, fresh_login_required, login_fresh, login_required)
from flask.ext.wtf import Form
def homepage():
    """Renders the homepage."""
    if current_user.is_authenticated():
        if not login_fresh():
            logging.debug('User needs a fresh token')

src/b/r/breezeminder-HEAD/breezeminder/views/auth.py   breezeminder(Download)
from flask.ext.login import (current_user,
def login():
    if current_user is not None and current_user.is_authenticated() and login_fresh():
        return redirect_next()
        form = LoginForm(request.form)

src/f/l/flask-login-HEAD/test_login.py   flask-login(Download)
from flask import Flask, Response, session, get_flashed_messages
from flask.ext.login import (LoginManager, UserMixin, AnonymousUserMixin,
                             make_secure_token, current_user, login_user,
                             logout_user, user_logged_in, user_logged_out,
        def is_fresh():
            return unicode(login_fresh())
        def logout():