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Base class for custom user query classes.

This class provides some methods and can be extended to provide a
customized query class to a user document.

Here an example: ::

    from flask.ext.mongoalchemy import BaseQuery
    from application import db

src/f/l/flask-mongoalchemy-HEAD/examples/books_collection/collection/documents.py   flask-mongoalchemy(Download)
from collection import db
from flask.ext.mongoalchemy import BaseQuery
import re
class BookQuery(BaseQuery):

src/f/l/flask-mongoalchemy-HEAD/tests/test_mongoalchemy_object.py   flask-mongoalchemy(Download)
from mongoalchemy.session import Session
from flask.ext.mongoalchemy import BaseQuery, ImproperlyConfiguredError, MongoAlchemy
from . import BaseTestCase
        class Query(BaseQuery):
        class Todo(db.Document):
            description = db.StringField()