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        def route_from(url, method=None):
    # Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19129407/looking-for-inverse-of-url-for-in-flask
    appctx = _app_ctx_stack.top
    reqctx = _request_ctx_stack.top
    if appctx is None:
        raise RuntimeError('Attempted to match a URL without the '
                           'application context being pushed. This has to be '
                           'executed when application context is available.')

    if reqctx is not None:
        url_adapter = reqctx.url_adapter
        url_adapter = appctx.url_adapter
        if url_adapter is None:
            raise RuntimeError('Application was not able to create a URL '
                               'adapter for request independent URL matching. '
                               'You might be able to fix this by setting '
                               'the SERVER_NAME config variable.')
    parsed_url = url_parse(url)
    if parsed_url.netloc is not "" and parsed_url.netloc != url_adapter.server_name:
        raise NotFound()
    return url_adapter.match(parsed_url.path, method)

src/f/l/Flask-Presst-0.2.10/flask_presst/nesting.py   Flask-Presst(Download)
import six
from werkzeug.utils import cached_property
from flask.ext.presst.utils.routes import route_from
from flask_presst.parsing import PresstArgument