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Stores argument groups and mutually exclusive groups for
`ArgumentParser.add_argument_group <http://argparse.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/other-methods.html#argument-groups>`
or `ArgumentParser.add_mutually_exclusive_group <http://argparse.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/other-methods.html#add_mutually_exclusive_group>`.

Note: The title and description params cannot be used with the exclusive
or required params.

:param options: A list of Option classes to add to this group
:param title: A string to use as the title of the argument group
:param description: A string to use as the description of the argument(more...)

src/b/l/blohg-0.12/blohg/script.py   blohg(Download)
import sys
import posixpath
from flask.ext.script import Command, Group, Manager, Server as _Server, Option
from flask_frozen import Freezer, MissingURLGeneratorWarning
from warnings import filterwarnings
                          help='create a %s repository' % backend.name),)
        return (Group(*rv, exclusive=True),)
    def handle(self, app, **kwargs):