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src/p/y/pyjs-HEAD/examples/libtest/VarsTest.py   pyjs(Download)
import UnitTest
import foo
import foo as myfoo
from foo import foo_value as myfoo_value, get_foo_value as myget_foo_value

src/p/y/pyjs-HEAD/examples/libtest/NameTest.py   pyjs(Download)
    def testImportName(self):
        import foo as a
        self.assertEqual(a.__name__, 'foo')
        # This test fails, but even the declaration of foo
        #(foo = object()) makes the test above fail too
        foo = object()
        import foo

src/b/l/blue-HEAD/blue-ui-editor/src/org/netbeans/modules/python/editor/PythonExample.py   blue(Download)
"""Sample Module"""
import foo
class Foo(Bar):

src/b/a/babble-HEAD/src/test/samplewww/modjy_webapp/__testing__.py   babble(Download)
import os
import sys
import _10gen
import foo
import modjy_webapp.foo

src/i/b/ibb-HEAD/example/pythontests/footest.py   ibb(Download)
import unittest
import foo
class FooTest(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_new(self):

src/m/o/modern-python-example-HEAD/hello-crypto/test/test_foo.py   modern-python-example(Download)
import unittest
import foo

src/c/o/cocos2d-0.6.0/samples/demo_sprites.py   cocos2d(Download)
from cocos.sprite import Sprite
import foo      # Bezier configurations

src/p/y/PyMOTW-2.0.1/PyMOTW/sys/sys_meta_path.py   PyMOTW(Download)
# Import some modules that are "found" by the meta-path finder
import foo

src/n/o/note-HEAD/note/python/bar.py   note(Download)
if __name__=='__main__':
    a = 2
    import foo
    print foo.a

src/a/d/adder-HEAD/i.py   adder(Download)
import foo
assert foo.fact(7)==5040

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