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Various utilities when dealing with files, ndarrays

This module defines a set of utility functions to be used by individual 
formats as well as exceptions.

.. Created on Oct 10, 2010
.. codeauthor:: Robert Langlois <rl2528@columbia.edu>

src/a/r/arachnid-0.1.7/arachnid/core/metadata/selection_utility.py   arachnid(Download)
import spider_utility
import relion_utility
import format_utility
import numpy

src/a/r/arachnid-0.1.7/arachnid/core/metadata/namedtuple_utility.py   arachnid(Download)
.. codeauthor:: Robert Langlois <rl2528@columbia.edu>
import format_utility
import numpy

src/a/r/arachnid-0.1.7/arachnid/core/metadata/format.py   arachnid(Download)
#from format_utility import ParseFormatError, WriteFormatError
from factories import namedtuple_factory
import format_utility, namedtuple_utility,spider_utility
import os, numpy, logging