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operations on generators including frame sequences (generators).

All generators are assumed to be None terminated (rather than exception terminated).

src/n/u/nucular-0.5/nucular/frames/scatter.py   nucular(Download)
    def LeafGenerator(self, tooLargeDataSize=TOOLARGEDATASIZE):
        """make pairs into dFrames (None terminated -- compatible with dTree)"""
        import dframe
        import frameGenerators
        for p in self.pairsGenerator():

src/n/u/nucular-0.5/nucular/frames/fTree.py   nucular(Download)
import os
import frameGenerators
import bisect
from nucular import parameters

src/n/u/nucular-0.5/nucular/frames/fshadowtree.py   nucular(Download)
import fTree
import dframe
import frameGenerators
TESTDIR = "../../testdata/"

src/n/u/nucular-0.5/nucular/frames/fltree.py   nucular(Download)
import dframe
import fshadowtree
import frameGenerators
import scatter
import nucular.parameters

src/n/u/nucular-0.5/nucular/frames/dframe.py   nucular(Download)
import marshal
import cmarshal
import frameGenerators
# if enabled using cmarshal seems to slow some builds by about 1/4