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A simple, minimal Pygame-based backend for pypybox2d.

It will only draw and support very basic keyboard input (ESC to quit). 
There is also basic mouse joint support.

src/b/o/Box2D-2.3b0/examples/simple_framework.py   Box2D(Download)
# The following import is only needed to do the initial loading and overwrite the Keys class.
import framework
# Set up the keys (needed as the normal framework abstracts them between backends)
keys = [s for s in dir(pygame.locals) if s.startswith('K_')]

src/b/o/Box2D-2.3b0/examples/pyglet_framework.py   Box2D(Download)
import pyglet
import framework
from framework import *
from pyglet import gl

src/b/o/Box2D-2.3b0/examples/pygame_framework.py   Box2D(Download)
import pygame
import framework
from pygame.locals import *
from framework import *

src/c/d/CDF-0.32/cdf/attribute.py   CDF(Download)
# cdf extension modules.
import internal
import framework
import entry

src/i/s/ISS-Notify-Client-HEAD/gui/views.py   ISS-Notify-Client(Download)
# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
import framework
import resources
from datetime import datetime

src/m/i/miro-HEAD/tv/lib/test/unicodetest.py   miro(Download)
from miro import feedparserutil
from miro import dialogs
import framework
from miro import signals
from miro.plat import resources

src/p/a/parley-0.3/tests/runner.py   parley(Download)
import signal
import framework
python_path = 'python-stackless'

src/p/a/parley-0.3/tests/fairness.py   parley(Download)
# Miscellaneous tests (work in progress)
from parley import *
import framework as test

src/p/a/parley-0.3/tests/bugs.py   parley(Download)
from parley.helpers import function_actor, forward_exceptions
import framework as test
# Sample actor that succeeds

src/t/h/thor-0.2.2/test/test_tcp_server.py   thor(Download)
import unittest
import framework
import thor

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