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Log 'msg % args' with severity 'INFO'.

To pass exception information, use the keyword argument exc_info with
a true value, e.g.

logger.info("Houston, we have a %s", "interesting problem", exc_info=1)

src/f/t/ftw.bridge.proxy-1.1.1/ftw/bridge/proxy/views.py   ftw.bridge.proxy(Download)
            LOG.info('%s: "%s" %s (%s)' % (
                    origin, response.status, url))
            client = getUtility(IClientManager).get_client_by_id(clientid)
            client.set_maintenance_mode(status == 'maintenance')
            LOG.info('manage: change status of %s to %s' % (
                    clientid, status))
            return HTTPFound(location=self.request.headers.get('Referer'))