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Interface for a adpater which is called after generating the list of
factories for the current context. This adapter is called for cleaning
up on custom content types. The default adapter does not change anything.

- context
- request

src/f/t/ftw.contentmenu-2.3.0/ftw/contentmenu/menu.py   ftw.contentmenu(Download)
from Acquisition import aq_inner, aq_parent
from Products.CMFCore.interfaces import IActionProvider
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName, _checkPermission
from Products.CMFPlone import PloneMessageFactory as _
from ftw.contentmenu.interfaces import IContentmenuPostFactoryMenu

src/f/t/ftw.contentmenu-2.3.0/ftw/contentmenu/tests/test_menu.py   ftw.contentmenu(Download)
from zope.interface import Interface, alsoProvides, implements
from ftw.contentmenu.interfaces import IContentmenuPostFactoryMenu
from ftw.contentmenu.testing import FTW_CONTENTMENU_INTEGRATION_TESTING