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Factory for creating i18n messages.

src/f/t/ftw.geo-1.3/ftw/geo/handlers.py   ftw.geo(Download)
from collective.geo.contentlocations.interfaces import IGeoManager
from ftw.geo import _
from ftw.geo.interfaces import IGeocodableLocation
from geopy import geocoders
from plone.memoize import ram
        place, coords = results[0]
        if len(results) > 1:
            msg = _(u'msg_multiple_matches',
                    default=u'More than one location found, chose first match '
                    '"${place}". Please check that coordinates are correct.',
    except GeocoderQueryError:
        # Couldn't find a suitable location
        msg = _(u'msg_no_match',
                default=u'Couldn\'t find a suitable match for location '
                '"${location}". Please use the "coordinates" tab to manually '
    except GeocoderQuotaExceeded:
        msg = _(u'msg_too_many_queries',
                default=u'Geocoding failed because daily query limit has '
                'been exceeded.')
    except URLError:
        msg = _(u'msg_network_error',