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Handler to automatically do geocoding lookups for IGeoreferenceable
objects that have an IGeocodableLocation adapter.

        def geocodeAddressHandler(obj, event):
    """Handler to automatically do geocoding lookups for IGeoreferenceable
    objects that have an IGeocodableLocation adapter.
    # When creating the obj, it has no request - we need to get it
    # from the site.
    request = getSite().REQUEST

    # When we run the gecode address handler it will fire an object modified
    # event - but we are subscribing to this event. This will result in a
    # recursion unless we prevent it.
    if IGeoCoding.providedBy(request):
    alsoProvides(request, IGeoCoding)

    location_adapter = queryAdapter(obj, IGeocodableLocation)
    if not location_adapter:

    location = location_adapter.getLocationString()

    if location:
        ann = queryAdapter(obj, IAnnotations)
        previous_location = ann.get(LOCATION_KEY)
        # Only do the geocoding lookup if the location changed
        if not location == previous_location:
            geocoding_result = geocode_location(location)
            if geocoding_result:
                _place, coords, msg = geocoding_result
                if msg:
                geo_manager = queryAdapter(obj, IGeoManager)
                geo_manager.setCoordinates('Point', (coords[1], coords[0]))
                # Update the stored location
                ann[LOCATION_KEY] = location

    noLongerProvides(request, IGeoCoding)

src/f/t/ftw.geo-1.3/ftw/geo/tests/test_geocoding.py   ftw.geo(Download)
from collective.geo.contentlocations.interfaces import IGeoManager
from collective.geo.geographer.interfaces import IGeoreferenceable
from collective.geo.geographer.interfaces import IGeoreferenced
from collective.geo.settings.interfaces import IGeoSettings
from ftw.geo.handlers import geocodeAddressHandler
        event = self.mocker.mock()
        geocodeAddressHandler(self.context, event)
    def test_geocoding_handler_with_same_location(self):
        # Call the handler twice with the same context, shouldn't cause a
        # lookup since location didn't change.
        geocodeAddressHandler(self.context, event)
        geocodeAddressHandler(self.context, event)
        geocodeAddressHandler(self.context, event)
    def test_geocoding_handler_with_invalid_location(self):