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src/f/t/ftw.mail-2.1.0/ftw/mail/mail.py   ftw.mail(Download)
    def title(self):
        """get title from subject
        subject = utils.get_header(self.msg, 'Subject')
        if subject:
    def get_header(self, name):
        return utils.get_header(self.msg(), name)
    def get_date_header(self, name):
        return DateTime(utils.get_date_header(self.msg(), name))

src/f/t/ftw.mail-2.1.0/ftw/mail/inbound.py   ftw.mail(Download)
    def sender(self):
        """ get the email address of the sender
        sender = utils.get_header(self.msg(), 'Resent-From')
        if not sender:
            sender = utils.get_header(self.msg(), 'From')
        if not recipient:
            # Otherwise fall back to `Resent-To` or `To` headers
            recipient = utils.get_header(self.msg(), 'Resent-To')
            if not recipient:
                recipient = utils.get_header(self.msg(), 'To')