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The package order is conflicting in the `ILaTeXLayout`.

src/f/t/ftw.pdfgenerator-1.3.0/ftw/pdfgenerator/layout/baselayout.py   ftw.pdfgenerator(Download)
from ftw.pdfgenerator.babel import get_preferred_babel_option_for_context
from ftw.pdfgenerator.exceptions import ConflictingUsePackageOrder
from ftw.pdfgenerator.interfaces import IBuilder
from ftw.pdfgenerator.interfaces import IHTML2LaTeXConverter
from ftw.pdfgenerator.interfaces import ILaTeXLayout
        if packagename == dependent_packagename:
            raise ConflictingUsePackageOrder(
                'Cannot insert "%s" after itself (insert_after="%s").' % (
                    packagename, dependent_packagename))
            if package['insert_after'] in path:
                raise ConflictingUsePackageOrder(
                    'Conflicting order: %s.' % (
                        ' after '.join(path + [package['insert_after']])))

src/f/t/ftw.pdfgenerator-1.3.0/ftw/pdfgenerator/tests/test_base_layout.py   ftw.pdfgenerator(Download)
# pylint: disable=W0212, W0201
# W0212: Access to a protected member of a client class
# W0201: Attribute defined outside __init__
from ftw.pdfgenerator.exceptions import ConflictingUsePackageOrder