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The `ITemplating` interface is used for mixin classes enabling
template support for any inheriting class.

It makes it possible to define template directories on every inheriting
class, so that the templates easily can extend or include each other.

The `template_directories` list can be set on every inheriting class. If
the superclass also has set it, it will also be respected when searching
a template. When searching a template it will walk up the superclasses
and takes the first template found. This makes it possible to override(more...)

src/f/t/ftw.pdfgenerator-1.3.0/ftw/pdfgenerator/templating.py   ftw.pdfgenerator(Download)
from ftw.pdfgenerator.interfaces import ITemplating
from ftw.pdfgenerator.utils import baseclasses
from mako.lookup import TemplateLookup
from zope.interface import implements
import inspect

src/f/t/ftw.pdfgenerator-1.3.0/ftw/pdfgenerator/tests/test_templating.py   ftw.pdfgenerator(Download)
from ftw.pdfgenerator.interfaces import ITemplating
from ftw.pdfgenerator.templating import BaseTemplating
from ftw.pdfgenerator.templating import MakoTemplating

src/f/t/ftw.pdfgenerator-1.3.0/ftw/pdfgenerator/tests/test_mako_layout.py   ftw.pdfgenerator(Download)
from ftw.pdfgenerator.interfaces import ITemplating, ILaTeXLayout
from ftw.pdfgenerator.layout.makolayout import MakoLayoutBase
from ftw.testing import MockTestCase
from zope.interface.verify import verifyClass
import os