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Decodes html entities and xml entities.

        def decode_htmlentities(string):
    Decodes html entities and xml entities.
    entity_re = re.compile("&(#?)(\d{1,5}|\w{1,8});")

    def substitute_entity(match):
        ent = match.group(2)
        if match.group(1) == "#":
            return unichr(int(ent))

            cp = n2cp.get(ent)

            if cp:
                return unichr(cp)

                return match.group()

    return entity_re.subn(substitute_entity, string)[0]

src/f/t/ftw.pdfgenerator-1.3.0/ftw/pdfgenerator/html2latex/subconverters/htmlentities.py   ftw.pdfgenerator(Download)
from ftw.pdfgenerator import interfaces
from ftw.pdfgenerator.html2latex import subconverter
from ftw.pdfgenerator.utils import decode_htmlentities