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Indicates that the decoded data was not complete, there were parts missing.

src/f/t/ftw.publisher.receiver-2.0.2/ftw/publisher/receiver/browser/views.py   ftw.publisher.receiver(Download)
        move_data = 'move' in data and data['move'] or None
        if not move_data:
            return states.PartialError('Missing move part')
        obj_path = '/'.join(object.getPhysicalPath())

src/f/t/ftw.publisher.receiver-2.0.2/ftw/publisher/receiver/decoder.py   ftw.publisher.receiver(Download)
        for key in structure.keys():
            if key not in self.data.keys():
                raise states.PartialError('Missing "%s"' % key)
                for subkey in structure[key]:
                    if subkey not in self.data[key]:
                        raise states.PartialError('Missing "%s.%s"' % (key, subkey))