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The `BeforeQueueExecutionEvent` is fired before
executing a queue. Be aware that the transaction may
be aborted if there is an error.

src/f/t/ftw.publisher.sender-2.2.0/ftw/publisher/sender/browser/views.py   ftw.publisher.sender(Download)
from ftw.publisher.sender import message_factory as _
from ftw.publisher.sender.events import AfterPushEvent, QueueExecutedEvent
from ftw.publisher.sender.events import BeforeQueueExecutionEvent
from ftw.publisher.sender.interfaces import IPathBlacklist, IConfig, IQueue
from ftw.publisher.sender.utils import add_transaction_aware_status_message
        portal = self.context.portal_url.getPortalObject()
        self.queue = IQueue(portal)
        event.notify(BeforeQueueExecutionEvent(portal, self.queue))
        # prepare logger
        self.logger = getLogger()