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This module provides functions that will be builtins in Python 3.0,
but that conflict with builtins that already exist in Python 2.x.


ascii(arg) -- Returns the canonical string representation of an object.
filter(pred, iterable) -- Returns an iterator yielding those items of 
       iterable for which pred(item) is true.
hex(arg) -- Returns the hexadecimal representation of an integer.
map(func, *iterables) -- Returns an iterator that computes the function (more...)

src/e/i/eight-0.2.0/eight/__init__.py   eight(Download)
        self.USING_PYTHON2 = True if sys.version_info < (3, 0) else False
        if self.USING_PYTHON2:
            import io, future_builtins
            from future.builtins.newround import newround
            from future.builtins.newsuper import newsuper