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A multithreaded version of os.popen2().  Note that the argument list
isn't quite the same.

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/lreg_fill.py   gmisclib(Download)
import g_pipe
import Num
LREG = "/home/gpk/misctts/lreg_fit2"

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/g_exec.py   gmisclib(Download)
import g_pipe
class ExecError(Exception):

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/gpkmisc.py   gmisclib(Download)
def open_compressed(fn):
	import g_pipe
	if fn.endswith('.bz2'):
		ci, co = g_pipe.popen2("bzcat", ['bzcat', fn])

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/fuzzygraph.py   gmisclib(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
import g_pipe
import math