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src/o/s/os-HEAD/subtrees/waf/playground/daemon/daemon.py   os(Download)
		import gamin as w_gamin
	except ImportError:
		w_gamin = None

src/f/a/fail2ban-HEAD/fail2ban/server/filtergamin.py   fail2ban(Download)
import time, logging, fcntl
import gamin
from .failmanager import FailManagerEmpty

src/f/a/Fail2Ban-Old-SVNGIT-HEAD/server/jail.py   Fail2Ban-Old-SVNGIT(Download)
	def __initGamin(self):
		# Try to import gamin
		import gamin
		logSys.info("Jail '%s' uses Gamin" % self.__name)
		from filtergamin import FilterGamin

src/f/a/Fail2Ban-Old-SVNGIT-HEAD/server/filtergamin.py   Fail2Ban-Old-SVNGIT(Download)
from mytime import MyTime
import time, logging, gamin
# Gets the instance of the logger.

src/b/c/bcfg2-old-HEAD/testsuite/TestPlugin.py   bcfg2-old(Download)
import gamin
import lxml.etree
import os
import Bcfg2.Server.Core