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Gchecky provides an abstraction layer between google checkout API and user code.

It wraps-up the clumsy Level 2 integration API into a human-friendly form.

All the interaction between Checkout API and user code is handled by
the library, which includes the following topics:
  - generating/validating/parsing XML messages for/from Google Checkout API
  - transforming the xml DOM trees into a human-friendly structures
    almost word-by-word following the official specification from google.
  - does the technical low-level tasks such as generating authentication(more...)

src/g/c/gchecky-0.2.1/gchecky/__init__.py   gchecky(Download)
        rev = None
        # Do as django does - try to manually parse svn/entries file:
        import gchecky
        entries_path = '%s/.svn/entries' % (gchecky.__path__[0])
        if os.path.exists(entries_path):