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  Event Library very similar to gobject/glib/GIO, but pure python
  author: Marcelo Aires Caetano
  date: 15 apr 2012, 27 apr 2012
  email: marcelo@fiveti.com

  this module tryes to implement all gobject functions,
  except the functions concerning to types, because python already has strong
  types, and the gobject types was made to be used in c, not in python


src/p/y/pygel-0.2.3/gel/event_lib/file_monitor_linux.py   pygel(Download)
import gel
import types 

src/p/y/pygel-0.2.3/tests/test_filemonitor_linux.py   pygel(Download)
from event_lib import file_monitor_linux
import gel as gobject