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src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/gen/lib/repo.py   Gramps(Download)
from gen.lib.primaryobj import PrimaryObject
from gen.lib.notebase import NoteBase
from gen.lib.addressbase import AddressBase
from gen.lib.urlbase import UrlBase
from gen.lib.repotype import RepositoryType
class Repository(NoteBase, AddressBase, UrlBase, PrimaryObject):
    """A location where collections of Sources are found."""
    def __init__(self):

src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/gen/lib/person.py   Gramps(Download)
from gen.lib.mediabase import MediaBase
from gen.lib.attrbase import AttributeBase
from gen.lib.addressbase import AddressBase
from gen.lib.ldsordbase import LdsOrdBase
from gen.lib.urlbase import UrlBase
class Person(CitationBase, NoteBase, AttributeBase, MediaBase,
             AddressBase, UrlBase, LdsOrdBase, TagBase, PrimaryObject):
    The Person record is the GRAMPS in-memory representation of an
    individual person. It contains all the information related to