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src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/plugins/drawreport/DescendTree.py   Gramps(Download)
        if self.name.split(",")[0] == _RPT_NAME:
            self.__pid = PersonOption(_("Report for"))
            self.__pid.set_help(_("The main person for the report"))
            menu.add_option(category_name, "pid", self.__pid)
        else: #if self.name == "familial_descend_tree":
            self.__pid = FamilyOption(_("Report for"))
            self.__pid.set_help(_("The main family for the report"))

src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/plugins/textreport/FamilyGroup.py   Gramps(Download)
        family_id = FamilyOption(_("Center Family"))
        family_id.set_help(_("The center family for the report"))
        add_option("family_id", family_id)