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src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/gui/viewmanager.py   Gramps(Download)
from gui.navigator import Navigator
from gui.views.tags import Tags
from gen.utils.configmanager import safe_eval
                for line in lines:
                        plugin_dict = safe_eval(line)
                        if type(plugin_dict) != type({}):
                            raise TypeError("Line with addon metadata is not "

src/g/r/gramps-3.4.2/src/cli/argparser.py   Gramps(Download)
import const
import config
from gen.utils.configmanager import safe_eval
import Utils
                                new_value = config.get_default(setting_name)
                                new_value = safe_eval(new_value)
                            config.set(setting_name, new_value)
                            print >> sys.stderr, "    New Gramps config " \