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src/g/e/getpaid.pxpay-0.5/src/getpaid/pxpay/browser/callback.py   getpaid.pxpay(Download)
from getpaid.pxpay.exceptions import PXPayException, PXPayNetworkException, \
from getpaid.pxpay.config import RETURNED_TEST_CARD_NUMBER, TEST_SERVER_TYPE
            if response_message.transaction_card_number == RETURNED_TEST_CARD_NUMBER:
                # Someone has used the Test CC number...
                if self.processor_options.PxPayServerType != TEST_SERVER_TYPE:
                    # ...and we believe that we are in Production mode - log this:
                    log.info("Incorrect configuration? Test CC number was used for a successful transaction, but configuration indicates that we are not in Test mode: '%s'" % response_message)