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src/g/r/grun-0.14/test/test_popapp.py   grun(Download)
# tests popup of values (None is a separator)
assert grun( popup=["hello","kook",12,"","SELECT ME",None,"lll"] ) == "SELECT ME"
assert grun.popup( ["hello","kook",12,"","SELECT ME",None,"lll"] ) == "SELECT ME"
assert grun.popup( ["hello","kook",12,"",("choose me",["SELECT ME","not me"]),None,"lll"] ) == "SELECT ME"
# tests popup of methods
assert grun( popup=[action_without_return,SelectMe, action_with_return,] )=="SELECT ME"
# tests subpopup
print grun.popup(["Albert",("koko","jim,jo,jack".split(",")+[action_with_return,]),("koko","jim,jo,jack".split(","))])