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src/m/a/madcow-HEAD/contrib/django-memebot/gruntle/memebot/utils/rss.py   madcow(Download)
        self.editor = editor
        self.webmaster = webmaster
        self.published = tzdatetime.new(published)
        self.build_date = self.published if build_date is None else tzdatetime.new(build_date)
        self.categories = categories or []
            for item in self:
                published = self.published if item.published is None else tzdatetime.new(item.published)
                with rss.child('item'):
                    rss.add('link', item.link)

src/m/a/madcow-HEAD/contrib/django-memebot/gruntle/memebot/utils/xml.py   madcow(Download)
    def add_time(self, name, dt=None, **kwargs):
        """Add a datetime object serialized as UNIX epochal time"""
        val = tzdatetime.new(dt)
        kwargs.setdefault('type', 'time')
        kwargs.setdefault('format', 'unix')