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src/g/s/gsdview-HEAD/gsdview/gdalbackend/gdalqt4.py   gsdview(Download)
        stats = (None, None, None, None)
        if band and gdalsupport.hasFastStats(band):
            stats = gdalsupport.SafeGetStatistics(band, True, True)
    def _dataRange(band, data=None):
        if band and gdalsupport.hasFastStats(band):
            vmin, vmax, mean, stddev = gdalsupport.SafeGetStatistics(band,
            if None not in (vmin, vmax, mean, stddev):

src/g/s/gsdview-HEAD/gsdview/gdalbackend/widgets.py   gsdview(Download)
        # .. _`GDAL Trac`: http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal
        if gdalsupport.hasFastStats(self.band):
            vmin, vmax, mean, stddev = self.band.GetStatistics(True, True)
            self.setStatistics(vmin, vmax, mean, stddev)