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src/g/s/gsdview-HEAD/gsdview/app.py   gsdview(Download)
from gsdview.mdi import ItemModelMainWindow
from gsdview.appsite import USERCONFIGDIR, SYSPLUGINSDIR
from gsdview.widgets import AboutDialog, PreferencesDialog
from gsdview.widgets import GSDViewExceptionDialog as ExceptionDialog
        #: application global about dialog instance
        self.aboutdialog = AboutDialog(self)
        logger.debug('Setting up the preferences dialog ...')

src/g/s/gsdview-HEAD/gsdview/tests/test_widgets.py   gsdview(Download)
from qt import QtGui
from gsdview.widgets import (
    AboutDialog, FileEntryWidget, GeneralPreferencesPage, PreferencesDialog,
def test_aboutdialog():
    app = QtGui.QApplication(sys.argv)
    d = AboutDialog()