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        def get_version(version=None):
    "Returns a PEP 386-compliant version number from VERSION."
    if version is None:
        from gtwisted import VERSION as version
        assert len(version) == 5
        assert version[3] in ('alpha', 'beta', 'rc', 'final')

    parts = 2 if version[2] == 0 else 3
    main = '.'.join(str(x) for x in version[:parts])

    sub = ''
    if version[3] == 'alpha' and version[4] == 0:
        git_changeset = get_git_changeset()
        if git_changeset:
            sub = '.dev%s' % git_changeset

    elif version[3] != 'final':
        mapping = {'alpha': 'a', 'beta': 'b', 'rc': 'c'}
        sub = mapping[version[3]] + str(version[4])

    return str(main + sub)

src/g/t/gtwisted-0.1.7alpha/gtwisted/__init__.py   gtwisted(Download)
def get_version(*args, **kwargs):
    # Only import if it's actually called.
    from gtwisted.utils.version import get_version
    return get_version(*args, **kwargs)