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Return a list of table names available in this HBase instance.

If a `table_prefix` was set for this :py:class:`Connection`, only
tables that have the specified prefix will be listed.

:return: The table names
:rtype: List of strings

src/s/q/SqlHBase-0.4/sqlhbase/intake.py   SqlHBase(Download)
    def connect(self):
        if self._namespace == "": raise RuntimeError("Hey! U shall select a DB first")
        self._connection = happybase.Connection(__hbase__, table_prefix="_"+self._namespace)
        if __createtable__ not in self._connection.tables():
        if __valuestable__ not in self._connection.tables():
            self._connection.create_table( __valuestable__,
                # the md5 on the stmt is going to be the hbase's key
    def get_namespaces(self):
        connection = happybase.Connection(__hbase__)
        n_spaces = []
        for t in connection.tables():