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Contains information about an account and its settings.

    account_id (str): The id of the Account

    email_address (str): The email address associated with the Account

    is_paid_hs (bool) : If the user has a paid HelloSign license will
    return true

src/h/e/hellosign-python-sdk-0.3.8/hellosign_sdk/hsclient.py   hellosign-python-sdk(Download)
from hellosign_sdk.utils.request import HSRequest
from hellosign_sdk.utils.exception import HSException, NoAuthMethod
from hellosign_sdk.utils.exception import HTTPError
from hellosign_sdk.resource.account import Account
from hellosign_sdk.resource.signature_request import SignatureRequest
            email, password, api_key, access_token,
        self.account = Account()
        # self.get_account_info()
        response = request.post(self.ACCOUNT_CREATE_URL, {
                                'email_address': email, 'password': password})
        return Account(response["account"])
    # Get account info and put in self.account so that further access to the