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    reusable_form_id (str): The id of the ReusableForm

    title (str): The title of the ReusableForm which will also be the
    default subject of the message sent to signers when using this
    ReusableForm to send a SignatureRequest.

    message (str): The default message that will be sent to signers when(more...)

src/h/e/hellosign-python-sdk-0.3.8/hellosign_sdk/hsclient.py   hellosign-python-sdk(Download)
from hellosign_sdk.resource.account import Account
from hellosign_sdk.resource.signature_request import SignatureRequest
from hellosign_sdk.resource.reusable_form import ReusableForm
from hellosign_sdk.resource.team import Team
from hellosign_sdk.resource.embedded import Embedded
        request = HSRequest(self.auth)
        response = request.get(self.REUSABLE_FORM_GET_URL + reusable_form_id)
        return ReusableForm(response["reusable_form"])
    # TODO: return the total results (in another function, variable...)
            self.REUSABLE_FORM_GET_LIST_URL, parameters={"page": page})
        for reusable_form in response.get("reusable_forms", []):
        return rf_list
        request = HSRequest(self.auth)
        response = request.post(url + reusable_form_id, data)
        return ReusableForm(response["reusable_form"])
    def _add_remove_team_member(self, url, email_address=None, account_id=None):