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Contains information about your team and its members

Comprises the following attributes:

    name (str): The name of your Team

    accounts (list of dict): A list of all Accounts belonging to your Team.
        Note that this response is a subset of the response parameters
        found in GET /account.

src/h/e/hellosign-python-sdk-0.3.8/hellosign_sdk/hsclient.py   hellosign-python-sdk(Download)
from hellosign_sdk.resource.signature_request import SignatureRequest
from hellosign_sdk.resource.reusable_form import ReusableForm
from hellosign_sdk.resource.team import Team
from hellosign_sdk.resource.embedded import Embedded
from hellosign_sdk.resource.unclaimed_draft import UnclaimedDraft
        request = HSRequest(self.auth)
        response = request.get(self.TEAM_INFO_URL)
        return Team(response["team"])
    def create_team(self, name):
        request = HSRequest(self.auth)
        response = request.post(self.TEAM_CREATE_URL, {"name": name})
        return Team(response["team"])
    # RECOMMEND:The api event create a new team if you do not belong to any team
        request = HSRequest(self.auth)
        response = request.post(self.TEAM_UPDATE_URL, {"name": name})
        return Team(response["team"])
    def destroy_team(self):
        response = request.post(url, data)
        return Team(response["team"])