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General exception class

We use this object to raise exceptions when none of its child classes is
suitable for use.

src/h/e/hellosign-python-sdk-0.3.8/hellosign_sdk/hsclient.py   hellosign-python-sdk(Download)
from hellosign_sdk.utils.request import HSRequest
from hellosign_sdk.utils.exception import HSException, NoAuthMethod
from hellosign_sdk.utils.exception import HTTPError
from hellosign_sdk.resource.account import Account
from hellosign_sdk.resource.signature_request import SignatureRequest
            if draft_type == UnclaimedDraft.UNCLAIMED_DRAFT_REQUEST_SIGNATURE_TYPE:
                if "name" not in signer and "email_address" not in signer:
                    raise HSException("Signer's name and email are required")
            # exception if all are None
            if not value:
                raise HSException("Field " + key + " is required.")
        if either_fields is not None:
            for field in either_fields:
                if not any(field.values()):
                    raise HSException(
                        "One of the fields in " + ", ".join(field.keys()) +
        if not email_address and not account_id:
            raise HSException("No email address or account_id specified")
        request = HSRequest(self.auth)