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        def convertToUTF8(s):
    s = UnicodeConverter(s).unicode
    if isinstance(s, unicode):
        return s.encode("utf-8")
        return None

src/h/i/hiicart-HEAD/hiicart/gateway/google/gateway.py   hiicart(Download)
from hiicart.gateway.base import PaymentGatewayBase, CancelResult, SubmitResult
from hiicart.gateway.google.settings import SETTINGS as default_settings
from hiicart.lib.unicodeconverter import convertToUTF8
                       "edit_cart_url": self.settings.get("EDIT_URL", None),
                       "currency": self.settings["CURRENCY"]})
        cart_xml = convertToUTF8(template.render(ctx))
        # Post to Google
        headers = {"Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",