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src/h/i/hiringpond-0.1dev/hiringpond/websetup/__init__.py   hiringpond(Download)
import logging
from hiringpond.config.environment import load_environment
__all__ = ['setup_app']
def setup_app(command, conf, vars):
    """Place any commands to setup hiringpond here"""
    load_environment(conf.global_conf, conf.local_conf)
    setup_schema(command, conf, vars)
    bootstrap.bootstrap(command, conf, vars)

src/h/i/hiringpond-0.1dev/hiringpond/config/middleware.py   hiringpond(Download)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""WSGI middleware initialization for the hiringpond application."""
from hiringpond.config.app_cfg import base_config
from hiringpond.config.environment import load_environment