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src/r/o/rootpy-HEAD/rootpy/plotting/canvas.py   rootpy(Download)
                          1, ylimits[0], ylimits[1])
        elif ndim == 3:
            from .hist import Hist3D
            hist = Hist3D(1, xlimits[0], xlimits[1],
                          1, ylimits[0], ylimits[1],

src/r/o/rootpy-HEAD/rootpy/plotting/__init__.py   rootpy(Download)
from ..utils.hook import classhook, super_overridden
from ..memory.keepalive import keepalive
from .hist import Hist, Hist1D, Hist2D, Hist3D, Efficiency, HistStack, histogram
from .graph import Graph, Graph1D, Graph2D
from .profile import Profile, Profile1D, Profile2D, Profile3D

src/r/o/rootpy-0.7.1/rootpy/plotting/__init__.py   rootpy(Download)
# Copyright 2012 the rootpy developers
# distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
from .. import log; log = log[__name__]
from .hist import Hist, Hist2D, Hist3D, HistStack