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Client object to interact with the API urls

Most of the operations of the SDK is made through this object. Please refer
to the README.rst file for more details on how to use the client object.

src/h/e/hellosign-python-sdk-0.3.8/hellosign_sdk/__init__.py   hellosign-python-sdk(Download)
from .hsclient import HSClient
__all__ = [HSClient]

src/h/e/hellosign-python-sdk-0.3.8/hellosign_sdk/test_hsclient.py   hellosign-python-sdk(Download)
from hsclient import HSClient
from utils.hsaccesstokenauth import HSAccessTokenAuth
from resource.resource import Resource
from hellosign_python_sdk.resource.team import Team
from utils.request import HSRequest
client = HSClient(api_key="a57f10309a04482499e49782b3c0c6f43641780970c2c1d02451c74b03ece07c")
# Account
# client.get_account_info()