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Wrapper class for the hnj_hyphen library contained in this module.

Usage: hyphenator_(dict_file_name: string, lmin, rmin, compound_lmin, compound_rmin: integer)
The init method will try to load a hyphenation dictionary with the filename passed.
If an error occurs when trying to load the dictionary, IOError is raised.
Dictionary files compatible with hnj can be downloaded at the OpenOffice website.

This class should normally be instantiated only by the convenience interface provided by
the hyphen.hyphenator class.

src/p/y/PyHyphen-2.0.4/2.x/__init__.py   PyHyphen(Download)
            file_path = '/'.join((directory, '/', 'hyph_' + language + '.dic'))
        self.__hyphenate__ = hnj.hyphenator_(file_path, lmin, rmin,
            compound_lmin, compound_rmin)
        self.apply = self.__hyphenate__.apply