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src/w/h/whisperctl-0.2.0/whisperctl/whisperctl.py   whisperctl(Download)
from datetime import datetime
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from indexer import Index
import subprocess
import os
    #return metrics
    return Index(whisper_root)
def search(**kwargs):
    if kwargs['regex']:
        for i in list(Index()):
            if re.search(metric, i):
    elif '*' in metric:
        # Convert non-regex with wildcard to regex.
        metric = re.escape(metric)
        metric = metric.replace('\*', '[^.]*')
        for i in list(Index()):
        # non-regex
        if metric in list(Index()):

src/w/h/whisperctl-0.2.0/whisperctl/indexer/__init__.py   whisperctl(Download)
from indexer import Index